Writing Praise

Praise for The Emerald Ring


"Filled with fun, magic, mystery, and history, The Emerald Ring and spunky sleuth Sara will have you racing on a pulse-pounding trail that reaches all the way to Ancient Egypt."- Kevin Emerson, author of The Oliver Nocturne series, and The Fellowship for Alien Detection.



"The Emerald Ring is a whirlwind adventure that transports the reader into the mysterious world of Ancient Egypt. A great choice for those who love mythology and magic. " - Suzanne Selfors, author of The Sweetest Spell, Smells Like Dog series, and many more. 



 "The Emerald Ring is an exciting and mysterious fantasy featuring fast-paced action, a scary villain, and a spunky young heroine." - Suzanne Williams co-author of The Goddess Girls Series. 


"The Emerald Ring is a not-so-run-of-the-mill middle grade fantasy novel laced with mystery and intrigue. It has just enough surprises to keep kids turning the page to see what happens next. The author has a real knack with "kid lingo" and has used diverse cultures to her advantage. 
Definitely a book I can recommend with confidence."- Laurisa White Reyes 


Praise for The Ruby Pendant


"Rich with atmosphere, and full of delightful shivers, The Ruby Pendant pulled me right in. Part mystery, part ghost story, it is completely enjoyable."


- BRADEN BELL, author of the Middle School Magic series


The Ruby Pendant is a non-stop thrill ride through the heart of New Orleans and beyond. A great read for adventurers of all ages.”


- JENNIFER SHAW WOLF, author of Breaking Beautiful and Dead Girls Don’t Lie


“Secret rooms! A missing necklace! Ghosts! The Ruby Pendant is a thrill-ride through New Orleans, a creative blend of suspense, mystery, and historical tidbits sure to tantalize readers of all ages. A worthy sequel.”

- LAURISA REYES, Editor-in-Chief of Middle Shelf Magazine


Praise for The Diamond Looking Glass


"This was a delightful continuance of the Cleopatra's Legacy series. Dorine White has done it again with a thrilling adventure. The Diamond Looking Glass will be a great read for younger readers that will take them on a ride through imagination, and for older readers an adventure that is full of mystery, twists, and intrigue" Melanie Mason,  author of The Ring of Remaliha.


"A well-crafted story with intrigue, time travel, fantasy, a fairy tale, and Egyptian artifacts. Claire is a strong yet flawed heroine who learns how to value herself and not others' opinions. The plot moves along at a brisk clip, but the reader is enriched with glimpses of French culture and architecture, opera, and Egyptian history." Author Terry Deighton.


Praise for The Awakening

This book reminds me of Harry Potter and is a wonderful read of the Young Adult readers. - Jessica


This is a great story full of magic, adventure, and friends. I really liked how Kyler as a typical kid. He whined, he complained, and he didn’t always do what he was told. But it was a great way to watch him grow and made him more believable. I really like Henry and Darcy. Smart loyal Henry was there to help out. Darcy is a strong willed princess that refuses to follow the norm and finds herself in trouble because of it. -  JBronder Book Reviews